Friday, February 19, 2010

Full Perm Plant Kit Question

The question I've gotten the most recently is if I would sell full perm versions of the plants available in the greenhouse. I've broken the current line of plants down into 3 groups, and plan on (tentatively!) releasing them as follows :
Kit A (Bamboo Plant, Bamboo Fern, grass clump, possibly one reworked grass clump concept)
Kit B (Croton, Caladium, Palm/Strelitzia leaf variations possibly)
Kit C (Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, possibly more variations of these or one additional similar plant)

One thing that I plan to do differently is to release the objects full perms, and with full perm textures, but not including sculpt maps for these kits. After evaluating peoples responses and usage of the existing flower kits, I feel this may be a good way to provide these plants to people for use in prefabs, landscaping projects, ect. While I realize some people may want full perm sculpt maps, I also want to do what I can to protect and promote the work that I do here so that I can continue creating more. :)

So if you want or would prefer full perm sculpt maps, no matter if you're interested in the kits or not, I'd like to know why. The only 2 reasons I have been able to think of are 1). The pieces will not show your name as the creator, and 2). Inability to edit and change the shape in an external application. If either of these are very important to you, or if there is any other reason you would prefer full perm sculpt maps, please IM me inworld (Logan Bauer) or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Full Perm LadySlipper Orchids

Happy Valentine's Day! (Edit: Valentines Sale has ended) We have released our first orchids! Inworld you can find a number of LadySlipper Orchid plants, or potted plants, and of course the matching full-perm kit for content creators! :

Click here to see the Full Perm LadySlipper Orchid Kit listing at XStreet SL

Click here to visit Arctic Greenhouse in Second Life via SLURL