Friday, May 13, 2011

H&G Expo / Relay for Life / Vanda Orchid

Arctic Greenhouse is at the SL Home & Garden Expo, May 13th through May 22nd. %100 of the proceeds from all of the following new items goes directly to Relay for Life of Second Life!

The only way to get any of these new items, including the builder's Vanda Orchid kit, is to pick them up via the Relay for Life vendor at the Expo or at the Arctic Greenhouse main store. After the Expo ends on May 22nd the kit (and possibly other items) will still be available, but no longer as a Relay for Life item and also no longer at a discounted introductory price, so please stop by before the 22nd and help support a great cause!

Click here now to teleport direct to the Home & Garden Expo

Click here to read about the SL Home & Garden Expo and Relay for Life of Second Life :

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