Thursday, October 11, 2012


ReScene is hands down the most exciting thing I've ever worked on in Second Life. It allows you to create complex cinematic cutscenes featuring multiple avatars, with fully controlled camera parameters, animations, movement, and more!

There have been a lot of fun "emergent" uses for ReScene along the way - I originally just wanted a way to make a tool for small inworld cutscene without spending hours hard-coding camera parameters, movement,ect. All of the scene information can be exported to notecard(and played back from notecard), so you can create any number of scenes attached to builds or furnishings that you sell, opening up endless possibilities. ReScene works excellent for machinima, and cuts out hours of editing or trying to get that perfectly timed shot. While scripting knowledge isn't explicitly required, as a scripter you can write your own plugins or even change the full perm Interface script in order to combine ReScene with your own games, roleplay events, and more.

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