Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deadwood Juniper Bonsai

New Bonsai tree at Arctic Greenhouse, this carefully crafted piece uses a combination of small alpha branches, supported by a solid backdrop to minimize and almost eliminate traditional flicker issues. It features stylish deadwood pieces and a realistic planter.

There are two versions of this bonsai, first the "plain" or flowerless version, which weighs in at 16 prims and is only available inworld. Second, the flower-covered large version is 26 prims, with orchids growing through the deadwood pieces and yellow daisies on the ground. The flower-covered version is available both inworld and on XStreetSL. While the flower-covered one is larger, and the plain one is smaller and on a table - they both come mod/transfer so you can resize them to fit any space.

Click here to see the Deadwood Juniper Bonsai - Flower-covered Large at XStreetSL

Click here to visit Arctic Greenhouse in Second Life via SLURL

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