Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Closing Sale!

It pains me greatly to announce that June 26th, 2015, will be the last day that the sim "Alternate Reality" will be open.  

Q: Why?
A: Due to time constraints I have been unable to create much in Second Life let alone maintain the island.

Q: Will the Affiliate vendors still function?  Will you still have a Marketplace store?  What about ReScene,ect?
A: Support for ReScene, Builder's kits, and all other products will continue.  Affiliate vendors will still be maintained.  Marketplace listings will still be maintained.

Q: Will Arctic Greenhouse be closing entirely? 
A: Not entirely; you will still be able to purchase products through affiliate vendors or the Second Life Marketplace.  The inworld store however, will be close and there are currently no plans to reopen.

Q: Sale?
A: Yes, many products have been heavily discounted for a sim-closing sale!

Q: When?
A: June 26th will be the last full day that the sim will be open, it will go offline at an unknown time on June 27th.

Finally a huge "Thank you!" to the many brilliant patrons, builders, artists and designers who have helped keep my dream and the island afloat over the years, I sincerely hope that everyone reading this enjoys their Second Life and finds the most joy possible in both lives!  


  1. I think I knew Arctic Greenhouse near how long I stay in SL and thats realy long. I can understand if sometimes the times changes anything and we go with the time step by step in future and need to take time or free mind to go this way. Logan, I think I have near all Sets from you and you was for me in all the years one of the best Builder with all your lovely work and I will miss your high detail Kits, Ideas and the colorful huge Greenhouse. I wish you all the best in RL and SL and I hope we all see you if you think to come back with your great work. Be sad that SL lost a great Builder .. bye .. good luck .. what ever you do! Friendly Regards from Caren Jewell / CJ Creations

  2. I am sorry to hear that the shop is closing. I was a loyal customer : fountains, beautiful arrangements, bonsais, stacked stones followed me everywhere. Gone is the time for me where I could walk in the skybox jungle !!
    I will always remember the beautiful tiles in the greenhouse and especially the sound of the iron slats in the other room.
    Caren Jewell has already written everything (I was also a customer at her shop), I am simply saying "good luck" and thank you!